Dear LTLINK Customers,

I am pleased to announce a number of new and major upgrades to your Internet service but first things first.

Sometime ago we announced a name change From LTLINK to Family Friendly Internet Service.  While we have not yet officially made the jump, effective August 1st we will.  Your email addresses will stay the same, no change there.

Family Friendly Internet primarily speaks to the type service we strive to offer.  In addition to the name change on  August 1st, you will notice many new and some improved services.  This is what you can expect:

    ·       Additional filtering controls - This will allow you to be able to customize filters for your family.  Basic pornography filtering will be fixed and cannot be bypassed, but different layers may be added to more suit your families needs, plus many other new features that you will find interesting and helpful.

    ·        New improved Spam filtering - This is a very big improvement as the web has become the dumping ground for spam advertising.  Advertising, often pornographic, that threatens to overwhelm your email account if left unchecked.  We believe you will really like this improvement as many of you have asked for help in this area.

    ·        Improved and updated Virus filtering - A faster automated reaction to new virus threats as they appear.
    ·        Increased technical support - 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service and technical support via a nationwide toll free number.

    ·        Nationwide dial-up access - Over 20,000 dial-up numbers when you travel, as well as regional and expanding DSL Access to many new areas.

    ·        A customized “My Account” Portal - This will allow you to access and make account or billing changes, view invoices both past and present.  You can also use this portal to access news, weather and other helpful information.

We don’t expect that this change will cause any interruption to your service nor require any changes to your accounts. 

Now how is all this possible you might ask?  We have joined forces with a nationwide backbone provider contracting them to provide not only access but also many of the upper end technical issues in an ever changing Internet environment.  This arraignment not only strengthens our technical abilities, but aligns us with a company that is dedicated to fighting pornography on a national level.

We are excited for these changes and look forward to offering even better service under our new name - Family Friendly Internet.


Kent Jorgensen