Dialup Customer Upgrade Instructions:

This is a REQUIRED upgrade. Please complete these steps immediately to avoid service interruption.

This process will install software that will automatically configure your computer for the upgraded service. We suggest you PRINT OUT these instructions to use as a reference during the upgrade process. This process should take approximately 5 minutes. If you experience difficulty along the way, please contact Technical Support at 1-888-292-3401. Also, note that all users may experience delays with incoming email for the next 48 hours ending August 2nd, 2005.

1. Visit to begin the upgrade. Your computer will be checked for the appropriate software. You MAY see a security warning such as the one below.

Be sure to click the INSTALL option!

2. Depending on the results of this scan, you may be given up to 3 options for the Upgrade process: "Automated Online Signup", "Standard Online Signup" or "Request a CD-ROM". If you see the "Automated Online Signup" option, please click this button. If you do not see the "Automated Online Signup" button, then click the "Standard Online Signup" option and click here to jump to those instructions.

3. On the next screen, choose the "Existing Members" option.

4. Enter your PRIMARY LtLink username and password when prompted as depicted below and click Register.

5. Software will be downloaded and you will eventually see the screen below. Click the Next buttton and continue the installation. Click the Finish button when it appears.

6. When the software is finished installing, you will see the NEXT button appear. Click the NEXT button. If any warnings appear, be sure to Accept the changes. If the NEXT button never appears or the installation errors out, you will need to return to and attempt the "Standard Online Signup" instead (click here for the Standard Online Signup instructions). If you need technical assistance, please call us at 1-888-292-3401.

7. The next screen pictured below will download your personal settings.

A variety of warnings may appear confirming the changes to your Internet settings. BE SURE TO ACCEPT or CONFIRM ALL OF THESE WARNINGS OR THE INSTLLATION WILL NOT COMPLETE. If a screen similar to the one below appears, click the OPEN option.

8. After you have accepted all of the warnings etc., you should eventually see a message indicating that the process is complete. You will eventually see a dialer like the one below. You will now use this to connect to the Internet. Click the CONNECT button when you are ready to sign online. If you experience problems, please do not hesitate to contact technical support at 1-888-292-3401.